Winning Free Art Contests

Artists have many different options when entering art contests. Most free art contests have specific topics but the artist is free to choose the type of art that they would like to enter.

In ancient Egypt baskets were made not as a form of art but as a utility item. But now they can be a form of art and this is an art form that can be used for contests.

A common form of art and still a very popular art form is painting. Some free art contests require paintings but most contests do not have specific requirements. When was the first painting created? In a cave. But no need to find a cave for your painting. Artwork from Picasso sell for millions of dollars.

A mask is another option for an art contest. This type of work can stand out if done properly. Mask creation is part of many cultures around the world and this has been a popular form of art for thousands of years.

Drawing is often a starting point for artwork. A painting often begins as a drawing. But submitted art contests can be drawings using pencils, crayons or other means.

You can create jewelry for you rconest submission. Youc an use almost anything to create jewelry. Almost every year on the TV Show Survivor one is made as part of the contest to trick other contestants (and to impress the judges) using just materials found in nature. even before they used clothing.

One option is to enter a mosaic. This isn't very popular for art contests which is why it is an excelelnt choice. A mosaic is created by gluing together small stones, pieces of gems or other hard materials. You may have heard of mosaic floors which are created this way but so can a jewerely box or any piece of art.

Sculpture is another excellent option for art contests. You can create a sculpture using ice, clay and even wood. Have your camera handy if you choose ice and be sure to set up the lights properly to avoid nasty reflections (and be careful not to melt your sculpture). Remember that the image you submit for the art contests are equally as important as the work itself. A bad image will not help you chances of winning.

Pottery is another ancient form of art that got its start for use in homes. Clay bowls that date thousands of years old are now part of history. But a bowl can be a wonderful option for an art conest. You can use tiles and jewerley to decorate your clay artwork.

A real talent is creating tapestries or rugs by weaving. You can bring out amazing colors and create arwork to be hung on a wall (or on the floor). A popular form of art (and good rugs sell for a hefty price) because they bring beauty to a home.

Photography may be the most popular form of art because cameras have gone down in price and are portable. Often you will see free art contests specifically for photographers with requirements to share a photo of a specific object such as the sea or landscape.

Digital art is creating art using the tools only available on a computer. This form of artwork has grown in popular in the past 10 years as tools become less expensive and easier to use. It has become a popular form of art for art contests. Graphics Drawing Tablets can be used to create the art using a pencil on the drawing tool. The benefit of this form of art is your product when finished is ready for submission to online art contests

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